René Christen. Creative Technologist, Artist and co-founder of Code on Canvas.

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  • René Christen is an Australian artist who has been creating interactive work in a number of areas since 2001. His practice integrates the conceptual and technological through custom built technologies to explore the sensate within art and the poetics of systems.

    René takes an aesthetically conscious approach to code, both with regard to its output and its source and has developed an almost traditional artisan relationship to the skills required to make electronic art. Building works from the ground up with computer languages and fusing this with basic electronic skills he uses open source solutions wherever possible, as sensitive to the idea of giving back to the authoring community as he is to facilitating these contemplative immersive experiences.

  • From playing a key role in big-budget projects for some of the world’s leading corporate clients, through to unique artistic, educational, museum and gallery-based installations and performances that have been exhibited all over the world – René’s experience runs the gamut of modern interactive development and technology. He is also well versed in web and more traditional interactive projects.

    René’s credentials include a Bachelor of Electronic Arts (Distinction) – UWS, Honors in Time Based Media – COFA, UNSW and a Masters in Electronic Integrated Arts (Full scholarship) – Alfred University, NY.

    René has been with Spinifex since 2007, applying his skill set to various stages of the creative and technical process from high level concepts, technical direction, project and production management right down to the finest details of software development and systems integration. He remains involved in the international media arts scene, always stimulated by creative applications of technology, and is able to bring in specialised resources from this network.