René Christen. Creative Technologist, Artist and co-founder of Code on Canvas.

Hi all, I just co-founded Code on Canvas with colleague Lukasz Karluk. Please check out the new site – it’s likely to be updated more regularly than this one!

Our second Creative Coding Sydney meet-up will be this Sunday. Plenty of space at the studio so please do come along! Flyer below…


CC_SYD Meet-up #2
News / July 22, 2015

Just realising how late I am posting this as a workshop I am running at the MCA this Saturday is already sold out. If you’ve already got your ticket I’ll see you there!

Light Conversation is an iPhone/iPod Touch app to translate morse code from flashing lights and broadcast morse code using your flash. Now available as a free app in the Apple app store. This app was built for an upcoming project to translate lights around the city that have been hacked to tell stories with morse code called Inanimata. More details coming soon.

After a small eternity agonising over how to combine professional and personal practice in the one portfolio I have finally pulled the trigger… bang?

New Site
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