René Christen. Creative Technologist, Artist and co-founder of Code on Canvas.
Adshel Face Tracking Demo


We were asked to come up with a demo for Adshel that they could show clients to help give them an idea of what could be done beyond the typical billboard campaign. Ryan Close (handsome on left) and I (more handsome on right) came up with this internal demo at Spinifex back in 2009 and were always keen to use it somewhere so this was perfect.

Developed using OpenFrameworks and the Fraunhofer Face API, cloud formations track people’s faces and respond to their facial expressions. The scenery at the bottom of the screen responds to the collective facial expressions of everyone present.

For Adshel we set up a kiosk version of this on a touch screen where users could tap to snap a photo of them and their friends playing with the installation. They were then presented with a QR code that pointed them to a URL where their photo could be retrieved and shared via social media.






Flight data turned into a sublime spatial experience.


Anti-seismic architecture incorporating spatialised sound and light.

Greensborough Aquatic Centre

Electricity, water and children. Together at last!