René Christen. Creative Technologist, Artist and co-founder of Code on Canvas.


Earth Light Seat was a project developed with a small team for artist D.V. Rogers. The installation animates realtime seismic data across a map of the world, coloured according to the Moment Magnitude Scale Color Schema (MwLUX). At fixed intervals the piece would play a time lapse animation of all the large earthquakes from the last 30 years. See the site for more details.

The backend application was built in python by Snow from Holly / House of Laudanum, which sent OSC to a front end application I built with Cinder that then communicated to the lights using Art-net. I have done a lot of work with LEDs before but the interface for these was an ideal blend of plug and play ease and customisability for a coder. DV currently does custom fit outs of this and a variety of other LED tech through 3LED.





Flight data turned into a sublime spatial experience.


Anti-seismic architecture incorporating spatialised sound and light.

Greensborough Aquatic Centre

Electricity, water and children. Together at last!