René Christen. Creative Technologist, Artist and co-founder of Code on Canvas.
JCDeceaux Connectivity Lab


For JCDeceaux Connectivity Lab we were asked to demo a few concepts to show clients what could be done beyond the standard billboard campaign. The guys at Spinifex each contributed something.

I repurposed the Interactive Painting from the MCA at Vivid 2011 so that users could use hand gestures to paint a car, clapping to change the colour. The photo was then uploaded to a server where it could be retrieved and shared via social media. The pretty QR codes came from a handy Air utility built by colleague Rob Shearing and the backend was built in PHP/MySQL by Laurent Youmndingouetmoun.




Flight data turned into a sublime spatial experience.


Anti-seismic architecture incorporating spatialised sound and light.

Greensborough Aquatic Centre

Electricity, water and children. Together at last!