René Christen. Creative Technologist, Artist and co-founder of Code on Canvas.

A series of integrated interactive installations using Face Tracking, QR codes, show control, online integration and more.

An application using Face Tracking and gesture recognition detects users nodding and shaking their head to vote on video content. A QR code scanner enables users to scan unique user IDs printed on 3D glasses and begin interacting immediately, whilst still allowing the client to track their interactions and the user to register after the event and have access to this information also. The QR codes were also used for other installs such as an interface for a 3D car configurator that used the Pandora media system for stereoscopic 3D and gesture control. A Mobile web app was also developed for staff to control content and positioning of large mechanical projection screens.

Face Tracking application was built in C++ using OpenFrameworks and the Fraunhofer Face API. QR code application built in Java using Processing and a hardware scanner. Web application built using PHP and AJAX with a C++ application to interface with Pandora’s show control system. 3D applications built by Ari Jacobs using Unity 3D. All installations saved data to a local server application built in PHP and MySQL at Spinifex, which synced with an online server and website. QR codes directed users to an automatic log in screen on this site where they could see their unique content.




Flight data turned into a sublime spatial experience.


Anti-seismic architecture incorporating spatialised sound and light.

Greensborough Aquatic Centre

Electricity, water and children. Together at last!